Success stories

Their path to

owning a home.

Meet our clients and view their journey to homeownership.
Meet Barry play
Meet Barry
Why Barry and his wife felt confident through their homeownership journey.
Meet Stan and Brittany play
Meet Stan and Brittany
Landis was in their corner, coaching them as they found their dream home.
Meet Allen, Veteran play
Meet Allen, Veteran
Landis found Allen a home after he came back from his second tour in Afghanistan.
Meet Joyce & Lisa play
Meet Joyce & Lisa
With Landis, Joyce and Lisa didn’t have to wait to get their dream home.
Meet Lawrence play
Meet Lawrence
Landis helped increase Lawrence’s credit to get him and his family a new home.
Meet Lawrence’s kids play
Meet Lawrence’s kids
The many reasons why they love their home.
Thank you, thank you so very very much for all your help you guys are the best, we can’t thank you and Richard enough.
~ Ed W
Meet Tammy play
Meet Tammy
Landis guided Tammy and her daughter to reach their American dream of owning a home.
Meet Roxanne play
Meet Roxanne
Landis helped her find a new beginning.
Roxanne - One year later play
Roxanne - One year later
Following up on Roxanne’s life in her new home.
Meet Jackie play
Meet Jackie
How an Indiana mother of 4 bought her house from Landis.
Meet Glynis play
Meet Glynis
Meet Glynis and her family.